Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mississippi Tornado Outbreak of 4-24-10 - Part III

The National Weather Service in Jackson is continuing to conduct ground surveys to ascertain the exact path lengths and intensities of the family of tornadoes that struck Mississippi on Saturday.

So far, they have estimated that the tornado that struck Yazoo City traveled at least 50 miles, from near Eagle Lake before finally lifting (or at least they preliminarily estimate that it lifted) near the Yazoo/Holmes county lines Northeast of Yazoo City.  (See map below).

We know that if the above track scenario turns out to be true, we had additional touchdowns and damage reported very shortly thereafter, in Ebenezer and Durant, including a cross-over I-55 where many cars were flipped and people were injured.

The report also stated that the damage path was 1.5 miles wide, but did not specify the location(s).  It also gave a "preliminary" estimate of EF3 (160mph) damage, but cautioned that this was only preliminary and may be revised upon completion of the survey.

I always hate to "arm chair quarterback" the damage estimates, especially when I can't see it first hand (having to rely on media images can leave much to be desired), however based on some of those images, I would expect to see a higher estimate when the Yazoo City survey is complete.  I'm going to sit back and watch for a few days, then I'll post a few images to illustrate what I'm talking about.

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