Monday, June 13, 2011

Severe Weather Safety and Preparedness: Seeking Shelter

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Shamrock said...

I just want to expand on the mobile home part of Rob's post. I live in a mobile home and was hit by an EF2 tornado on April 27th, 2011. Even though I had read many sources that told me to get out during a tornado warning I was STILL stupidly planning on taking my chances in the bathtub of our mobile home. It was Rob who was adamant and told me, "NO! I have lived in one and trust me-I'd rather take the ditch." For some reason I listened to him. That hit home for me. I'd also like to say that even after all of this research and Rob's warning it was VERY hard to get the guts to LEAVE my home and go OUTSIDE under a tornado warning. I did, though. I had a ditch lined up on our property. Thankfully God led me to a building I had forgotten about and had assumed was made of wood. It was made of concrete block and was about 4-5 feet under ground. AMEN! The tornado did not hit our mobile home did hit the building we were in, though. We were completely safe and I will forever be grateful for the lives of my famil and myself. We did have neighbors die. They were all in mobile homes. One neighbor's home was picked up and THROWN OVER the telephone lines-killing her instantly when it landed in the road. Another home was picked up and thrown into another neighbor's yard killing the lady, her Husband and paralyzing their son. I will NEVER forget digging thru mobile home rubble and finding my neighbor dead with her little dog. I am not trying to be gruesome but I want to spread the word. MOBILE HOMES ARE DEATH TRAPS DURING SEVERE WEATHER! I would not stay in one for even a severe thunderstorm warning. Even tied down mobile homes can be damaged under 50mph sustained winds. If you have ever survived a tornado while in a mobile home it's because you were lucky and blessed. There are pictures of mobile homes that are no more than kindling-total devastation from an EF0 tornado. The mobile home is gone but the trees, stop sign and satellite dish are still standing-the person living in the home was killed. I didn't mean to ramble, it's just people are STILL hiding in their mobile homes during severe weather and it's bothers me. Many lives could be saved if they just heed the warnings. Hopefully my story helps. I also Thank God for Rob. Rob's constant posting during the situation, and presented in terms dummies like me can understand really did wonders.

Rob In Texas said...

Shamrock, thanks for the comment, and your very kind words (as usual). I am very glad that you posted your experience here. It's always good for folks to hear of real life experiences and hopefully that will make someone else think twice before they consider riding out a tornado in a mobile home - even for a minute!