Sunday, June 26, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Central Plains

The above radar mosaic shows an intense cluster of severe storms continuing to advance toward the Southeast across eastern Nebraska at this hour.   Damaging straight-line wind gusts of 70-80 mph and hail up to golfball size are possible with this activity.  Below is a closer view of this thunderstorm complex as shown by the Omaha area radar:  

This complex of thunderstorms will continue advancing Southeastward this evening, likely impacting the Omaha area between 8 and 9pm CDT.  Damaging winds and large hail will continue to be the primary threat with this particular activity.  Any isolated thunderstorm that manages to form out ahead of this complex over southeast Nebraska or southwestern Iowa would also have a chance of producing a tornado.  Please remain alert to this possibility until the larger thunderstorm complex clears the area.

Severe Thunderstorm (blue) and Tornado (red) watches are in effect across the region this evening and into tonight, as shown on the image below:

Additional severe thunderstorm activity is expected to develop across Missouri (within the Tornado Watch area) this evening, some of which could produce tornadoes.  Large hail & damaging winds can also be expected in these areas.  In addition, the complex of storms currently approaching the Nebraska/Iowa border area is likely to track Southeast into northern Missouri later this evening.  If the complex back-builds toward the Southwest, then portions of northeast Kansas could also be affected later this evening.

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