Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arlene's Winds up to 60 MPH...

At 5pm CDT...a Hurricane Hunter aircraft measured sustained near-surface winds of 60 mph in association with Tropical Storm Arlene.  The center of the system was located about 120 miles East of Tuxpan, Mexico, and moving West at 7 mph.  Minimum central pressure was measured at 29.41 inches of mercury.

The Government of Mexico has issued a Hurricane Warning from Barra De Nautla to La Cruz.  This replaces the Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch that was previously in effect.

The latest radar image from the Alvarado, Mexico radar is below, and gives us a nice look at the southern-most precipitation bands associated with Arlene:

During the afternoon, bands of thunderstorms and showers have clipped the extreme southern tip of Texas, near the Brownsville area, in association with the northern-most extent of Arlene.  According to the latest Brownsville radar image (below), additional showers and thunderstorms will continue to brush far South Texas later this evening & into tonight as Arlene begins to make landfall well to the South in Mexico:

The official National Hurricane Center forecast (below) continues to keep Arlene below Hurricane force through landfall, but there is still a chance that the system could arrive along the central Mexican coast as a minimal hurricane on Thursday morning.

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