Saturday, June 18, 2011

Severe T-Storm Initiation in Southcentral Kansas...

A severe thunderstorm has developed rapidly during the past half hour over southern Cowley County in Kansas, just North of the Oklahoma border and to the south of Winfield.  This storm is drifting East/Northeast at the moment, and is likely to assume a more East or East/Southeasterly direction of movement during the next half hour to hour.

This should be the first of many severe thunderstorms to develop across southcentral, southeast & east-central Kansas into southern and central Missouri, as well as adjacent border areas of Oklahoma and Arkansas this evening.  Large hail & damaging winds will be the primary severe weather threats, however during the first few hours of development this evening, isolated tornadoes also cannot be ruled out.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was just recently issued for the region, and is valid until 2am CDT:

A significant threat of wind damage may develop later this evening & tonight as this activity congeals into one or more organized thunderstorm complexes and moves to the East or East/Southeast.  Additional activity (currently over Northeast and East-central Colorado) may also become organized and move Southeast back into this same region later tonight.

If you live in or near the Severe Thunderstorm Watch area, or in areas immediately East or Southeast of this area, remain alert throughout the evening and overnight and be prepared to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches.  Be sure that you have some sort of device that can alert you to severe weather if it were to move in overnight, such as a NOAA Weather Radio with a battery back-up.


Shamrock said...

Rob, the squall line headed for us earlier barely nicked us, thankfully. We got maybe 30 minutes of heavy rain and some decent gusts-nothing close to severe. I'm REALLY worried about tomorrow's forecast for our area. I don't know why..but, I have a bad feeling about it. Everytime I check the forecast the chances of severe for us are greater than the last time I checked!

Rob In Texas said...

Shamrock, you'll want to keep an eye on the weather tomorrow afternoon & evening. A bit early to pinpoint it right now because a lot depends on what happens tonight and tomorrow morning (as far as where boundaries are left behind by any organized overnight storms, etc.).

Wind damage and hail would be the greatest threats tomorrow for your area, in my opinion.