Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Severe Weather Outlook for Today, Wednesday, June 22, 2011

***Updated 12:50 PM CDT to add graphic:

Unfortunately, Google has still not fixed the Blogger system where we can post any images, but to summarize,  severe thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon & evening across a wide swath extending from the eastern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, into the Tennessee Valley and portions of the Deep South.  For a graphical representation of the outlook from the SPC, go here.

As soon as Blogger is fixed I will update this post with more graphics showing the threat areas.  It is hard, at this time, to pinpoint a specific location within the overall outlook area that has a higher risk of severe weather than any other today. There may be locally enhanced potential for particularly damaging winds across an area from southeast Michigan into Ohio and northeast Indiana, where a band of stronger winds just above the surface level is expected to set-up.  Thunderstorms that form in this region may develop into one or more organized complexes and continue Eastward into adjacent portions of Pennsylvania and New York later this evening.

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