Monday, June 20, 2011

Severe Weather Update - North Texas

**Update:  At 8:45 PM CDT, spotters reported a tornado on the ground near Possum Kingdom State Park, moving East at 35-40 mph.

Intense thunderstorms continue to organize over North Texas this evening.  Both of the storms with the white circled regions are showing strong rotation on radar at this time.  Strong rotation on radar is currently located 13 miles West of Graford and immediately East of Bridgeport.  Both of these storms are moving East at 30-35 mph.  If you live in Graford or Salesville, seek immediate shelter from this storm.  On the Eastern storm, if you live in Decatur or any area to the Northeast of Paradise, toward Decatur, seek immediate shelter.

Very large hail is also likely with this activity, along and North of the path of the circulation centers.  Hail up to tennis ball size is indicated by radar at this time.  

If this activity continues on its current Eastward path, Northern and Northwestern portions of the DFW Metroplex could begin to be affected during the next 1 (North) to 2 (West) hours.

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