Monday, June 20, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Nebraska

**Updated to include tornado photo mid-way down through post:

A complex scenario continues to unfold across southcentral Nebraska.  Above is the latest radar image from Hastings, showing several supercells that are all merging in a region from Southeast of Grand Island to Loup City and points just to the West.

The smaller white circle shows the current location of the circulation that produced a damaging tornado in the Miller and Elm Creek areas during the last hour.  The larger circle shows the strongest rotation currently indicated on a storm located near to the South of Loup City.  This activity is generally moving Northward at 25-30 mph.  Loup City and Ashton are both in the path of the strongest circulation indicated by radar at this time.  Seek shelter immediately if you live in the path of these storms.

The storms over toward Grand Island and points Southeast are very severe, with large hail & wind damage likely.  They could also produce a tornado at any time, so please take tornado precautions if you live near these storms as well.  The storm near Stockham to Aurora is starting to show signs of organized rotation and will move North/Northeastward at 25 mph.  Henderson, Hampton and Bradshaw are in the path of the most dangerous part of this storm.

**Updated with photo at 6:10 PM CDT:
Below is a picture taken of a tornado on the ground between Hampton and Bradshaw, to the West of York, shortly after this post was originally made:

Photo by Todd Rector, as uploaded via Twitter

**Continuation of the original post:
Below is a radar image taken at 4:12 PM CDT, when the damage was being caused in the Miller and Elm Creek areas.   You can see the pronounced hook echo with a debris ball (as noted by the white circled area), showing where debris was being lifted up and carried by the tornado at that time:

Any one of the storms currently over southcentral Nebraska could organize and produce a similarly damaging tornado at any time, so please seek immediate shelter if you're in the path of the aforementioned storms.


Shamrock said...

My Goodness-keeping all of the people experiencing severe weather in my prayers. This looks bad. There are already 38 tornado reports today. Please, God-keep these people safe.

Shamrock said...

Anthill Goddess, would you please let us know when the storms have passed your way and you're safe? You're in my thoughts and prayers.