Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very Thankful for Texas Rains!

We received a whopping 2.65 inches of rain at my home near Kyle, TX overnight!  Awesome!  Even better, from what I can glean by the radar estimation of overnight rainfall, 2-3 inch amounts were widespread along the I-35 corridor and extending well into southeast Texas at this time.

As soon as the problems with Blogger are fixed (see my last post below), I'll upload a few images with rainfall estimates.


Shamrock said...

YAY RAIN!!!! I'm so glad you finally got rain :)You can have our forecast for today if you like :)

Anthill_Goddess said...

Ditto to "YAY RAIN"!! Living here...I don't know the word "drought" very well but I can imagine it isn't very much fun! So glad you guys got some much-needed precip!

Shamrock said...

I gotta say I am so tired of watching our weather like a hawk. Seems like we're always under at least a slight risk for severe-now it rarely hits us, but still. We had a VERY VERY scary, nasty tstorm blow thru here at about 11:07pm last night. Is it too much to ask for just plain ol' t-storms?