Monday, June 13, 2011

NOAA Weather Radio Buyer's Guide

When putting together your Severe Weather Safety Kit, one item that is an absolute must is a NOAA Weather Radio, such as one of the models shown below:

Each of the above weather radios are available at RadioShack, and feature both electric and battery back-up power and an alarm clock.  The first and last models also include an AM/FM Radio.

I personally own the 1st radio shown.  It features S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, which allows you to program the unit to warn you only of the specific types of severe weather that you choose for your county (rather than having the radio alert go off anytime there is severe weather anywhere in the entire listening area).  It also features an LED screen (shown in the 1st picture) that alerts you to the type of weather warning or other hazard that was recently broadcast.  

The last radio shown also features the S.A.M.E. technology, but lacks the LED display.

The first two units are available for purchase at most RadioShack stores.  The last unit is available online only.  To view the entire line of NOAA Weather Radios available at RadioShack, please go here.

Regardless of whether you purchase your weather radio at RadioShack or elsewhere, my advice is that you just make sure that you have one on hand that fits your needs prior to the start of severe weather season in your area.  When you buy it, be sure to pick up extra batteries that you can keep in your severe weather safety kit should the power go out for an extended period of time.

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Jason said...

The National Weather Service suggests consumers look for NOAA Weather Radios which carry the Public Alert logo . The Public Alert Standard (CEA-2009-A) was developed by the Consumer Electronics Association in conjunction with the National Weather Service. This model (732R / Catalog #: 12-519) is Public Alert certified. For more information, see and

Rob In Texas said...

Jason, thanks for the comment. Not only is this model certified, but each of the 'desktop' weather alert radios that we featured on 'Wake Up with Al' carries the Public Alert Standard certification...

Clay W. Ginn said...

It appears that Radio Shack no longer sells this radio. Your link to their site doesn't work and a search of their site turns up nothing. It's a pity, because that radio sounds really nice.

Rob White said...

Clay, thanks for the comment/info.

I wasn't aware that the 732R had been discontinued - until now. I did a quick internet search and I can't find it on Amazon or eBay either.

The WR300 (also available at RadioShack) is similar in every way except for the lack of the SkyWarn monitoring feature.

I'll shoot off an e-mail to my contacts at RadioShack and see if they intend to replace the SkyWarn model.

I'll also take out the links in this post until I hear back from them.

Thanks again,


Rob White said...


I would like to give you one of the 732R model radios that you liked but could not find. I have one that was given to me by RadioShack last year and has never been used (I suppose now I know why!)

Please send me an e-mail with your address and I'll be glad to send it to you. (You can go to the blog homepage and click on "Contact Rob by e-mail").



Anonymous said...

Posting this on January 31, 2012.

The Radio Shack Store located at 944 E. Fort Union Blvd. In Midvale, Utah has four (4) remaining of the 732R model. They are reduced in price to $49.99 as the model is discontinued - as noted elsewhere.

Phone# (801)566-9606

D. Gray

Rob White said...

Please note, this post was completely updated on 2/4/12 to remove the now discontinued 732R model radio.

As of this writing, all of the information in the post is current for the 2012 severe weather season.

I will periodically check the availability of each of the referenced models throughout the year and note any changes/updates as they happen.

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Alra Reo said...

All the products are awesome. All the products have SAME features and AM/FM features. I already click the mentioned link, but it seems that it's not working. I think Radioshack no longer sells this radio. Please check the link.