Thursday, June 2, 2011

Regrouping Back Westward

As we continued to approach Aberdeen, the already thick middle & upper-level overcast had become even more thick, which has kept temperatures down this afternoon.  With a strong cap in place, it appears unlikely that significant thunderstorms will be able to initiate in this area before stronger upper-level support arrives after dark.

A band of strong convergence has been setting up to our West over western & central South Dakota into southcentral North Dakota.  The problem going West from here is that many roads are closed due to river flooding.  We are going to go back South a bit then turn West and should be able to cross the river to the West of Redfield, then head back Northward toward the North Dakota border (assuming thunderstorm initiation hasn't begun by that time, which would redirect us within the new target area of northcentral South Dakota and southcentral North Dakota).

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