Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Severe Weather Update

The above watches (Tornado = red, Severe Thunderstorm = blue) are in effect until 11pm and Midnight, respectively, this evening.  Thus far, a strong capping inversion has prevented thunderstorm development in these areas (just as expected), however explosive thunderstorm development appears likely within the next hour over the Tornado Watch area.  At least scattered thunderstorm development appears likely across Oklahoma during the next 1-2 hours as well...

Tornadoes, large hail & damaging winds are possible with any organized severe thunderstorms that form within the Tornado Watch area this evening.  The tornado threat will be highest before 10pm CDT.  After that time, the activity is expected to congeal into more of a complex of thunderstorms, with hail and damaging winds the primary threats by that time.

Within the Severe Thunderstorm Watch area over Oklahoma, damaging winds and large hail are the primary severe weather threats this evening.  While coverage may not be widespread, any thunderstorm that does form will have high potential to become severe.

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