Thursday, June 16, 2011

Severe Weather Update

Several areas of strong to severe thunderstorms are ongoing at the moment across the Central and Southern Plains and into portions of the Deep South.  Below is the latest radar mosaic from across the region:

Several Severe Thunderstorm Watches cover these areas throughout the evening, as shown on the image below:

Some of the more organized storms at this time are over southwest Kansas, to the East and Southeast of Dodge City:

Very large hail and damaging winds are likely with this activity.  Isolated tornadoes also cannot be ruled out, especially with any storm that can remain relatively isolated from the remainder of the "pack".

Other "pulse" type severe thunderstorm activity is widespread across eastern Arkansas into Mississippi at this time.  I refer to this activity as "pulse" type because they tend to pulsate between being severe and non-severe.  Hail and gusty winds are the primary threat with this type of activity:

One or more complexes of organized thunderstorms are likely to emerge from the activity over the central & northern Plains later tonight, and track East/Southeastward overnight and into the pre-dawn hours of Friday.

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