Sunday, July 19, 2009

Northwest Flow Brings Chance of Rain - Finally

Northwesterly flow in the middle and upper-levels of the atmosphere will provide a chance of shower and thunderstorm activity across central Texas today. The combination of warm, moist air already in place the surface, cooler winds flowing out of a decaying complex of thunderstorms to the west, and a developing area of thunderstorms moving Southward from North Texas will give Central Texas residents the best chance of rain we've seen in awhile. But "best" is a relative term - relative to whether or not you are underneath a thunderstorm and getting rain, of course! While not all locations will receive rain, those that do could receive locally heavy downpours from isolated thunderstorms. The best scenario for widespread rain would be one in which a larger complex of showers & thunderstorms developes in North Texas and moves South into the area this afternoon or evening - which is exactly what happened last night in West Texas. We'll keep watching the developing cluster of storms (now Southwest of Ft. Worth) for signs of organization.