Friday, September 27, 2013

Spring-Like Severe Weather Threat Later Today...

A spring-like severe weather situation is expected to take shape later this afternoon and this evening across the Plains, including a threat for tornadoes.

Large hail and damaging winds can be expected with severe storms that fire from western Kansas into the Oklahoma and Texas panhandle region later today, and a few tornadoes are possible, especially within the green and brown shaded areas on the image above.

This is a situation where the highest tornado potential may not develop for 2-3 hours after storms initially form, so if you plan to attend a high school football game in the area this evening, be sure to dust off the severe weather alert app just in case, and keep an eye to the sky!

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1 comment:

Sondra Taylor said...

It is not so bad to look forward to a coll dry week, and to even get a few showers. The tornados are something that i can let pass. I even saw a few flakes of snow on the ground maybe last week. Winter can be fun bundle up in layers of clothes and make snow men with your kids in the snow. A lot of good ahead n the rough times to look at. If i can still make money in the snow and rain its a good time.