Saturday, November 16, 2013

Regional Severe Weather Episode Likely for N. MO, S.E. IA and W. IL Tonight....

For good reason, a lot of attention is being paid to the expected severe weather episode across the Tennessee and Ohio Valley region for tomorrow.  As I mentioned in a post earlier this morning, that event has the potential to impact a large number of people with widespread, damaging winds and a few tornadoes.

With all of the attention being paid to tomorrow, I'm afraid that another event that appears to be taking shape for late this evening and tonight is being flat overlooked or quickly "brushed over".  Below is the latest WeatherGuidance severe weather outlook for this evening and tonight:

I am particularly concerned because 100% of the associated threat will take place after dark, and a significant portion of the threat will take place after Midnight, into the pre-dawn hours of Sunday.

Below is a forecast radar image from the high resolution NAM computer model, valid 8:00 PM this evening.  While it's important not to take the indicated storm positions literally, you get the idea that there will be isolated to scattered thunderstorms beginning to develop over northwestern Missouri around or shortly after that time period:

Jump ahead to 12 Midnight CST, and quite a cluster of strong to severe storms is depicted over southeast Iowa, northeast Missouri and west-central Illinois:

As these storms initially form late this evening and early tonight, large hail will be the primary threat.  As we move on in time toward and after 12 Midnight, a risk of tornadoes will also increase, as low to mid level wind profiles become more favorable for such development.

As I pointed out earlier, it is important not to take the forecast radar positions literally, so in general, folks across the Northern third of Missouri, the Southeastern third of Iowa, and west-central/northwest Illinois should be particularly alert for thunderstorm development late this evening and tonight.

If you live in or near the green shaded area on the top image, please make sure that you have a way to receive weather warnings overnight tonight, and have a sheltering plan in place before you go to bed, that way you can move there quickly if threatening weather is observed or a warning is issued for your area.

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