Thursday, September 27, 2012

Texas Soaker To Get Underway Tomorrow...

Moisture from former Hurricane Miriam (yellow arrows) will combine with lift from an upper level storm system (red circled area) to produce a widespread rain event across the Lone Star State on Friday and Saturday.

The heaviest rains will fall on Friday Night and Saturday, with a swath of widespread 3-6 inch rainfall forecast from the Big Bend, Eastward across the Edwards Plateau, including the Austin-San Antonio corridor along I-35:

Present indications suggest that the heaviest rainfall will take place along the I-35 corridor (including the Austin-San Antonio areas) from 10am through 6pm on Saturday.  This could lead to low land and small stream flooding problems, particularly in urban and other poor drainage areas.  A "cold" front will sweep across the region late Saturday, bringing the heavier precipitation to an end from Northwest to Southeast across the region.

This is good news in general, as much of the heavier rains will fall across an area that continues to experience moderate to severe drought, as indiciated by the latest data that was released today:

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