Saturday, September 15, 2012

Typhoon Sanba Bearing Down on Okinawa, Japan...

A very impressive Typhoon Sanba has its eyes (or "eye", literally) on Okinawa, Japan this morning, and it is a formidable storm indeed.  Maximum sustained winds are currently 115 mph with gusts as high as 161 mph.  The wide view of the radar (below) will give you more perspective as to the location and size of the system in relation to Japan as a whole: 

The visible satellite presentation is just as impressive, with an extremely tight, well defined eye structure, suggesting top winds may even be a bit higher than what is noted on the latest official observation:

The center of Sanba will pass over Okinawa and the southern Islands by midday (U.S. time) today, and is then forecast to track over the East China Sea well to the West of Kagoshima during the day Sunday (again, U.S. time):

The tiny islands of southern Japan are no match for this type of system, so hopefully folks in this region have taken precautions as this system approached over the past few days.

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