Friday, September 7, 2012

Widespread, Significant Severe Weather Possible in the Northeast on Saturday...

I made a post on my facebook page at midday today remarking about the possibility of a widespread, significant severe weather event tomorrow afternoon and evening across the Northeast.  I promised a full update here on the blog, and really little has changed since that post.

Above is the outlook for tomorrow from the SPC in Norman, OK.  While severe storms are possible anywhere within the yellow, red and lavender shaded areas, the highest risk of severe storms lies within the red, lavender and black hatched area.  This includes the cities of New York City, Philly, Boston, Baltimore/Washington and Atlantic City.

Widespread, potentially significant wind damage is the greatest threat, along with large hail.  A few tornadoes are also possible, particularly with any isolated storms that form ahead of the main line(s).

If you live across this region, please be on the alert on Saturday.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, your local media or another trusted source for the latest information and possible warnings.  Be sure to identify your best sheltering option ahead of time so that you can move there quickly in case of threatening weather.

This will be one of those situations where straight line wind damage could be as significant as with a moderate or even strong tornado.  Please don't take the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings lightly tomorrow, as winds in excess of 70 or 80 mph will be possible, particularly in and near the red, lavender and black hatched areas on the above image.

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