Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Tornado Chronicles: Rozel, KS Tornado of 5-18-13...

One of the most picturesque tornadoes that took place yesterday was near Rozel, KS, a tiny farm community in the west-central part of the state.  The photo above was taken by Shalyn Phillips, and is one of the best "stovepipe" tornado photos that I've seen in a long time.

There are also a couple of impressive videos of the Rozel tornado that have emerged on YouTube.  Caution: I  have not 100% vetted these for language, but I think they're pretty safe:

The "nice" thing about yesterday's activity, with respect to tornadoes, is that it largely took place in extremely rural areas, with less than 1 home per square mile in most cases (sometimes 0 per square mile).  I have not heard of any confirmed injuries or deaths, which is always a plus.

"Back in the day" when I would chase on a regular basis, I always much preferred to photograph or videotape a huge tornado out in the "middle of nowhere" vs. in a populated area, and I know most chasers today feel the same (if not, they should be ashamed of themselves).

Unfortunately, the tornado risk today, some of which is significant, has shifted Eastward into a much more heavily populated area (in excess of 7,000,000 within the highest tornado threat area).  You can see my earlier post for details.

Please be sure to pay attention to the weather in the Plains and Midwest today and again on Monday.  We'd love to see your photos and videos, but only from a safe distance and with no threat to your life.

If you have an interest in the Rozel, KS area tornadoes of 5-18-13, please bookmark this post and check back for forthcoming updates...

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Julie said...

We live two miles north of Rozel. This tornado took out a house half way between Burdette and Rozel. No one was hurt.