Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Catastrophic" Hail Damage in Burgundy Region of France

One or more rounds of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and large hail pounded the Burgundy region of France on Tuesday afternoon (local time).  

Several vineyards are calling the damage "catastrophic", with some areas reporting 90% or more of their crops destroyed.  The photo above shows extensive damage (right half of the picture) to a vineyard in Beaune (photo courtesy Iain Doire).

Thunderstorms with hail of ping pong ball size or larger have plagued the region in recent years.  About this same time last year, nearly 60% of crops were impacted by another hail storm that struck the region.

Lower than average yields in recent years have resulted in increased pressure on prices, which are likely to continue to rise as a result of the latest incident.

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Scott said...

I've seen some pretty bad hail damage but nothing like this. Crazy!

Holly said...

This is fantastic!