Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too Close for Comfort: Tornado Video from Milan, Italy Yesterday

From the "Don't Try This At Home" Department, incredible video of a tornado passing overhead or very nearby the videographer in the Trezzo region of Milan, Italy yesterday.

Due to the relative rarity of such an event in this region, it is quite possible that the videographer didn't realize the danger involved in what he was doing.  All disclaimers aside, the video is very impressive and an excellent educational tool.

The whistling sound that you hear beginning about midway through the video is the sound of the wind racing through the "air tight" windows of the commercial building.  About the same time the whistling begins, you'll see a transformer explode outside the window.

I could not embed the video in any other way other than landscape mode, so be sure to click the "full screen" button in the lower right hand corner to view the entire image.

Below is another video of the same tornado from far enough away such that you can actually see the condensation funnel:

According to media reports, 12 people were injured.

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