Monday, July 1, 2013

Interview with

I was recently asked to do an interview with  They were interested in hearing from someone who has to report on "bad news" a lot, and how such a person is able to maintain a "good" reputation.

I was glad to do the interview, but I must admit that I was taken aback just a bit when they approached me.  Until they pointed it out, I guess I never considered myself a deliverer of primarily "bad news".  Sure, I cover a lot of tragic weather related events here on the blog, but I also have the pleasure of delivering good news to lots of folks on a daily basis as well.

I probably don't write about the "good news" here on the blog that often because those events are typically focused on a specific person, group or event, and most readers (other than those directly impacted) would probably find little value in hearing about it.

As an example, over the weekend I was able to help officials make sure that a Little League Baseball game got underway safely despite lightning in the area.  In another case, I recently received a nice letter from a bride who thanked me for telling her outdoor wedding venue that it would not rain on her big day, despite local media forecasts to the contrary.  On Friday I helped a homeowner get a large insurance claim paid by proving that hail damaged his roof on a certain day.

The "good news" examples above came about as a result of the work that I do on a daily basis at my company, WeatherGuidance.  

So, it's not all bad news - but I guess sometimes the bad news gets more press than the good.  Also, it's widely known that many people love to play "kill the messenger", and meteorologists are probably victims of that syndrome more than most any other profession out there!

Here's the link to the interview...

P.S.:  I am not a customer/user of (although I am familiar with their work at helping businesses and others monitor their online reputations), nor did they compensate me in any way for the interview.

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