Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daylight Savings Time Ends Tonight

Ahhhhh yes, a crisp 36 degrees the past 2 mornings in a row here at my home near Kyle, TX.  This, along with the change back to "Standard Time" tonight must mean it's somewhere around the first Sunday of November.  Isn't it awesome when the calendar and the weather match up once in awhile?

Be sure to remember to set your alarm clock for 2 a.m., then get up and turn all of your clocks back to 1 a.m. on Sunday morning.  Sure, you might be a little groggy when you drag into church, but at least you'll be on time (unlike the poor folks that forgot to make the change).

Wait a minute...I guess you could just turn the clocks back before you go to bed tonight, instead of waking up at 2 and doing it.  Hat tip to my wife on that one.  

All poor attempts at humor aside, just who's "bright" idea was it to institute this practice?  Well, "modern" daylight savings time was first proposed in 1895 by that wild, wacky British guy named George Vernon Hudson.  Vern was an astronomer who also liked to run around collecting bugs.  Figuring that a few extra hours of daylight would yield even more specimens for his collection - badda boom, badda bing - Daylight Savings Time was invented.

Even though I'm a severe weather nut, I personally love winter time as well.  The shift back to standard time always brings that good ol' winter time feeling rushing back in again, even here in the seemingly anti-wintry region of southcentral Texas.

Also, it reminds me to kick-it into high gear on preparing my Christmas light display.  The annual family tradition is lit-up on Thanksgiving Evening each year, which means I only have 19 short days to get this show on the road.

So with that, happy end to Daylight Savings...and don't be an hour ahead of schedule all day tomorrow!

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Awesome! Thanks for the updates, We like to be prepared