Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Severe Weather Update

A tornado watch was issued earlier this afternoon for portions of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri & Arkansas.  A tornado warning is currently in effect for one of the thunderstorms within the watch, located just Northeast of Cross Timbers, MO.  Below is the latest reflectivity radar image from the Springfield, MO radar:

And here is the latest storm relative velocity image from the same radar site:

Note where the red and green colors meet, right between Cross Timbers and Climax Springs.  Remember, the green indicates wind motion toward the radar, while the reds show motion away from the radar (and the radar is located just off of the bottom left corner of the screen).  This indicates strong circulation associated with the possible tornado.  The purplish/pinkish outline shows the tornado warning area as issued by the Springfield NWS office.

Further to the Southwest, the line of storms has not yet reached severe limits over southwest Missouri & northeast Oklahoma, however, frequent cloud to ground lightning is taking place within much of the line of storms, as shown by the latest Tulsa radar image shown below, with lightning data overlain:

The tornado watch continues for much of this region until 10pm CST.  Residents and travelers across the region should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions.

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