Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010

As the year winds-down, the media is flooding the airwaves (not to mention the internet) with its usual assortment of "Top 10", "Best of ", "Worst of", etc., etc., happenings of 2010.  

After pondering it for a few minutes, I figured, why not do the same for The Original Weather Blog?  So, here goes with the top 10 (by page views) blog postings of the year (David Letterman, look out)!

10.  "Major Hailstorm Hitting OKC Metro"
9.  "Dude, That's A Huge Rock!"
8.  "Large, Wedge Tornado in SD Yesterday"
7.  "That's Right, Toto - We're Not In Kansas Anymore!"
6.  "Yes, Tornadoes Can Develop in New England, Too"
5.  "Awesome Photo"
4.  "Awesome Satellite & Updated Snow Totals for NYC"
3.  "The Weather Channel Sinks to New Low"
2.  "Mississippi Tornado Outbreak of 4-24-10" (3 part post - this is part 2)
1.  "Metrodome Roof Collapses Due to Heavy Snow"

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