Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dude, That's a Huge Rock!

What's a meteorologically challenged family to do on Memorial Day Weekend?  Climb the 2nd largest rock formation in the country?  Sure, why the heck not.

Below is a view from the parking lot (yes, I said parking lot - how primitive do you think we are here in Texas, anyway???) of the Enchanted Rock State Park near Llano, TX:

I'm sure this seems a rather elementary event to an experienced climber, but when you live on the relatively flat plains of south-central Texas, hey, this counts for something.  Plus, this is one big rock, folks.

I was actually amazed at the scenery as we climbed the formation.  The pictures certainly don't do it justice, but here goes:

And if the picturesque views of the Texas Hill Country from atop the "pink granite exfoliation dome" (I think I like "damn big rock" better) weren't enough, we were also treated to some awesome displays of wildflower magic on the route to and from the park:

So, if you're ever stormchasing in central Texas (why you'd be doing that, I have no idea) and you find yourself "capped-out", take a ride about 17 miles North of Fredericksburg and treat yourself to some scenic wonders, Texas Hill Country-style.

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