Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Wild Day Instore for New England

After unusual severe weather events in parts of New England yesterday, a more widespread outbreak is forecast today.  In fact, a "moderate risk" of severe weather, including tornadoes, is forecast for a large part of New England today.  A rare (for that region) Public Severe Weather Outlook has also been issued.  This risk includes the New York City and Boston metro areas.

Things are getting started early today as well, with a tornado watch already in effect to the immediate West of the moderate risk area.  Here is a shot of the Binghamton, NY (KBGM) NEXRAD taken a moment ago.  A tornado warning is in effect on the cell west of Binghamton.

Severe weather will spread East with time today, and persons particularly in the moderate risk area should remain alert and prepare to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches their area.

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