Monday, June 21, 2010

Tornadic Storm in NW Kansas

Above is the Storm Relative Velocity (wind motion toward & away from the radar taking the storm's movement into account) image taken from the Goodland (KGLD) NEXRAD radar a few moments ago in Northwest Kansas.  Can you locate the mesocyclone about 13 miles South of Atwood, KS?

See below for a hint:

Remember, green is indicating wind blowing toward the radar, while red is indicating wind blowing away from the radar.  The radar is located just off the bottom left corner of the screen in these images:

Look even more closely within the mesocyclone and you can see Tornadic Vortex Signature, or where a tornado is most likely taking place on the ground:

So far there have not been any ground truth reports of tornadoes South of Atwood, but with the above signature I am confident that something is going on.  This is mainly in a rural area, so whether or not actual reports will be received remains to be seen.

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