Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thunderstorm Complex Heading Toward I-35 Corridor

A complex of thunderstorms continues to develop over the Hill Country, and on current track would impact the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to Georgetown between 7 and 8pm.  If the storms speed-up, they could arrive even earlier, though so far they are not tending to do so

The image below is of the New Braunfels (KEWX) reflectivity (precipitation echoes) from just a moment ago:

As you can see, very heavy rainfall is widespread along the leading edge of the complex, with moderate to light rains following behind.  Hail and gusty winds are also possible with the leading edge of the complex.  The image below is Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) taken at about the same time from the same radar.  VIL roughly corresponds with hail potential.  The white areas on the VIL image indicate the highest potential for hail in those areas, roughly the size of golfballs at this time:

Folks living along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio through Austin and Georgetown should remain alert this evening for possible severe weather.

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