Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Supercell In TX Panhandle This Evening - Just a Preview????

A "classic" tornadic supercell ravaged the northern Texas panhandle this evening, producing several tornado reports and widespread, large hail reports.

KAMA (Amarillo, TX) Reflectivity Image at 6:13 pm CDT

KAMA (Amarillo, TX) Storm Relative Velocity Image at 6:13 pm CDT

KAMA (Amarillo, TX) Split Screen Image at 6:27 pm CDT
Reflectivity on the left; VIL (hail indicator) on the right
Lightning strike, circulation and storm report data overlays

Storm Reports through 10pm CDT

The VORTEX 2 team captured a huge amount of data on this storm this evening which will no doubt further that important research effort.

The real question is....was this evening just a preview of a much bigger severe weather day to come tomorrow?  Time will tell, of course, but all indications from model data and pattern recognition suggest that tomorrow will be another significant severe weather day, with the primary threat area shifting East from today's location.  

If you live in the threat area(s) outlined below, stay alert for rapidly changing weather on Wednesday!  This could be as significant an outbreak as the one last Monday, 5-10-10.  Of course, it will be a very significant outbreak for anyone that takes a direct hit from a tornado producing storm - no matter what the rest of the country thinks about it!

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