Saturday, May 15, 2010

Storms Organizing Out West Again

Thunderstorms are beginning to develop and organize in West-Central Texas again....with their eyes on the I-35 corridor later this evening/tonight.  The cell below near Mason is showing rotation, although it is entering the doppler radar "no mans land" between the San Angelo and San Antonio radar sites.  At this distance, the rotation that is seen by the radar is at about 9,000 feet (obviously well above ground level).  None-the-less, a rotating wall cloud has been reported by spotters in the last half hour.

Additional development is also likely to take place later this evening further to the West along an old outflow boundary/cool front through Southwest Texas.  All of this activity will then likely merge into another complex and roll East/Southeast across parts of southcentral Texas later tonight...

The SPC recently issued the following discussion on the setup as well:


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