Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brutal Heat in Oklahoma Yesterday - But "All Time" Record Stands...

The above map shows maximum temperatures recorded yesterday by the Oklahoma Mesonet, a network of 120 recording stations across the state.

As you can see, Kingfisher reached 115 degrees.  Not shown, FAA stations at Okmulgee and Chandler also reached 115 degrees yesterday.  Longtime blog follower and weather observer David Schweitzer also recorded 115 degrees at his place in western Canadian County.

Indeed, 115 seemed to be the "magic" number yesterday as far as high temperatures were concerned.  The inability for the mercury to rise any higher at official recording stations means that the state record of 120 degrees (set in Tipton on June 27, 1994) will remain intact for now.

Another 115-120 degree "bullseye" is forecast by computer models for this afternoon, this time centered near the Stillwater area (as shown by the darker purple shading on the image below):

Indeed, temperatures in that region and back to the Southwest toward Oklahoma City are currently running 2-3 degrees above where they were at this time yesterday:

The lighter blue shadings over the panhandle and far northern Oklahoma show where temperatures are currently running below where they were at this time yesterday, thanks to a shift to Northerly winds.  While temperatures will not be quite as hot in that part of the state today, another brutally hot day is instore for southwest, central and eastern parts of the state, where record or near record highs are likely once again.

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