Monday, August 6, 2012

Ernesto Continues West; Will Not Enter Gulf of Mexico...

Tropical Storm Ernesto has continued on a Westerly path over the weekend, and remains a strong tropical storm this morning.

The latest computer model guidance has come to a strong consensus in taking the system in a West to West/Northwesterly path, with a landfall along the coast of Belize during the pre-dawn hours Wednesday.  This track is reflected in the latest National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast:

Ernesto may become a weak hurricane prior to making landfall, and those with interests in Belize and along the adjacent Central American coasts should keep a close eye on the progression of this system.

The center of Ernesto may briefly re-emerge along the coast of the extreme southwest Gulf of Mexico before making a possible second landfall along the Mexican coast during the pre-dawn hours of Friday, assuming it holds together after crossing over land.

The main takeaway at this time is that the system is not expected to enter the bulk of the Gulf of Mexico, and will pose no threat to the United States.  While that is certainly good news from the perspective of potentially dealing with tropical storm or hurricane force winds, it's bad news for those who were hoping for the potential of some much needed rain from the system.

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