Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Bonnie" May Not Be Bonnie Much Longer...

The above satellite image shows Tropical Depression Bonnie as she continues Northwest across the northern Gulf of Mexico this morning.  The system has continued to disorganize overnight, and is now just barely even a Tropical Depression this morning.  

The official National Hurricane Center track and forecast map is below.  They are still forecasting Bonnie to become a Tropical Storm again before reaching the Louisiana coast late this evening/tonight.  However, if the current weakning and disorganizing trend continues, Bonnie is likely to be reduced to just a trough of low pressure later on today.  This trend is indeed forecast by most of the major computer models at this time.

This is obviously good news not only for the oil spill area, but also for the folks that would have been impacted by a potentially stronger system when making landfall.

Ahhh....but the tropical season is young.  Coastal residents know that the danger is only just beginning....and we're not out of the woods until October!

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