Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Invest 97" - The Next 'Named' Storm?

**8/20/11:  Please note, this post deals with Invest 97 in 2010.  If you're looking for the post concerning the 2011 Invest 97, please go here.

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The above is a satellite image of "Tropical Invest 97", a strong tropical wave located near Hispaniola.  This disturbance is becoming better organized as it drifts slowly toward the West/Northwest.  The "60%" notation to the upper left corner of the system denotes the probability, as forecast by the National Hurricane Center, of the system becoming a tropical depression, storm or hurricane within the next 48 hours.

Below is an image depicting the latest computer model forecasts as to where this system is likely to track:

As you can see, the consensus is for the system to track generally Northwest out into the Eastern Gulf of Mexico toward the end of the week (each point on the forecast track image represents a 12-hour period of time).

We'll have to closely monitor this system, not only for its potential impact on life and property along the central and eastern Gulf Coast, but also for potential impact on the oil spill situation in the northern Gulf.

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