Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Active Weather Still on the Way

Please see yesterday's post for more on what we're doing this week.

With the above in mind, here is the latest GFS Model forecast for 7pm CDT Wednesday, 10-27-10:

And here is what the same model had forecast for the same valid date and time 2 days ago (issued and posted on Monday):

As you can see by the latest model run (top image), compared to the prediction on Monday (and again yesterday), the models are now limiting the Southward progression of the cold front, but actually depict an even more active pattern in the middle atmosphere as far as disturbances are concerned.

Since this is the first "departure" from the original forecast of Monday and Tuesday, it would be wise to evaluate the computer model runs over the next day or two and see if the current trend is continued, or if the models revert back to the original prognosis. 

In either case, it continues to appear as though we are in store for a very active week weather-wise for next week...

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