Thursday, October 7, 2010

Media Disappointed With Hurricane Season

Get ready for news articles, like this one, blasting forecasters as not knowing what they were doing earlier this year when forecasting an above average hurricane season.  The fact of the matter is, it has certainly been an above average season.

I know we tend to be a bit self-centered at times, but just because the U.S. coast wasn't hammered by a powerful storm doesn't mean that the season hasn't been above average as far as activity goes.  So far we've had 15 named storms in the Atlantic Basin this season.  This compares to 10 on average to date.  It just so happens that the majority of the storms have remained out to sea and did not impact heavily populated land masses. 

You'd think we'd be grateful for such an outcome as the end of an active season nears.  Sometimes I think the media is just too locked-in on "disaster watch" to see the big picture...

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, there won't be any major storms hitting the USA for the next 6 seasons as well!