Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Widespread, Tornadic Storms Across the Deep South...

A grand total of 10 tornado warnings are currently in effect, as indicated by the lavender polygons on the composite radar image above.

As I pointed out in my last post, we have a dual-mode severe weather situation underway.  The first is primarily wind damage or brief tornadoes associated with a line of severe thunderstorms, as circled in red on the same radar image below:

The second mode of severe weather are isolated cells developing ahead of the primary line, as shown within the broad yellow circle on the image above.  The greatest potential for strong and/or long track tornadoes will take place with the more isolated cells out ahead of the main line.

This is a very fluid situation, and storms are moving rapidly, generally at 50 mph or more toward the East or Northeast.  Therefore, folks in the path of the storms have a shorter period of time to react to a threat.  This is definitely the type of situation where you should not wait to seek shelter if threatening weather is approaching or a warning is issued for your area - please seek shelter immediately and without delay!

As far as radar indications of tornadoes are concerned, the most organized storm at the moment is bearing down on Poplarville, MS and surrounding areas:

Radar is indicating a strong tornadic signature on both the precipitation (left) and wind (right) modes of the radar.  This storm is racing Northeast at 55 mph, and you should seek immediate shelter if you are in its path.

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