Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tornadoes Strike Hazelwood, MO (St. Louis) and Clinton, AR Yesterday...

There was significant damage from at least two likely tornadoes yesterday in the Midwest and South.  The first was in the Clinton, AR area:

I tweeted a couple of times yesterday afternoon regarding the strong circulation on radar near Clinton, as shown in this radar snapshot.  The tornadic circulation is circled in white, and according to the radar was spinning at over 110 mph at the time:

A second likely tornado touched down in the Hazelwood, MO area, a suburb on the Northwest side of St. Louis:

There were also widespread 75-80 mph winds across much of the metro area, as indicated in this radar snapshot that I tweeted yesterday evening:

I'll have more on both of these events as additional information is received please check back for updates.  If you're reading this later in the day, please be sure to check the homepage of the blog for new posts.

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ryan hearne said...

This is not related to this news story but, do you happen to know how many severe weather outbreaks central texas sees, every few years?

Rob White said...

Ryan, thanks for the question. That's highly variable. While we experience some amount of severe weather each season, it really depends on what you consider an "outbreak".

I recommend taking a look at this cool video put together by Patrick Marsh to give you an idea as to the overall flux in severe weather likelihood in a given season/year:

ryan hearne said...

Thankyou your site is an awesome news site for me as i am constantly keeping up with the weather and we'll probably see a big severe weather event in central texas some time this year right? last year in may we had a big wind event , and a tornado on january 25,2012, so i would guess we get a big one each year and thankyou so much for the video.

Rob White said...

Ryan, yes, there is typically at least one "significant" severe weather event across the area each year. The fact that we can also have severe weather here in central and south Texas during most any month of the year also increases that likelihood.

I'm not so sure this Thursday will be a "big" day for this area, as once again the timing appears off, as the front will be moving through during the morning hours...which decreases the severe threat due to lower instability.