Monday, April 8, 2013

Increasing Severe Weather Threat for Today through Wednesday...

The first day of severe weather has come and gone, with numerous reports of large to very large hail across Kansas and Missouri yesterday.  The above image (via WeatherGuidance Hail Intel®) shows a nearly solid swath of large hail approximately 260 miles long, extending from near Wichita, KS to Lebanon, MO yesterday evening.

Very large hail is on tap again today, along with a higher threat of tornadoes than we saw yesterday.  (What was described as a "brief" tornado was reported near Paradise, KS yesterday evening, causing damage to an old barn).

Today's outlook calls for the highest threat of severe weather, including tornadoes, from western Kansas into northwestern Oklahoma.  Very large hail in excess of 2 inches in diameter can also be expected in this region during the afternoon and evening hours today:

As I've been pointing out for several days now, tomorrow (Tuesday) appears to carry the highest severe weather threat this week, overall.  The primary threat area for tomorrow will extend from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area across much of central and eastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas and Western portions of Missouri and Arkansas:

Very large hail, damaging winds and numerous tornadoes are possible on Tuesday afternoon and evening.  A few of the tornadoes could be strong and/or have a long track.  To make matters worse, it appears as though a significant severe weather risk will extend into the nighttime hours of Tuesday night and pre-dawn Wednesday, so be on the alert in these areas.

The overall severe threat will shift Eastward into Wednesday, encompassing much of the middle and lower Mississippi Valley region:

If you live or have travel plans across the severe weather outlook areas for the next few days, please be sure to stay alert and make sure that you have a way to receive severe weather warnings - no matter what time of day it is or where you might be.

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Mark Oleg said...

Hello Mr. White,
Since I last asked you, it seems things have changed. A global weather website, known as, is saying there is a potential for severe thunderstorms in my area. My NWS says there could be some strong storms. It seems to be that there could be a huge lot on Thursday afternoon in here in Atlanta. I would appreciate to hear your thoughts.