Thursday, April 18, 2013

Severe Weather Shifts into Ohio/Tennessee Valley Today...

The threat of severe weather continues to shift Eastward today, with the primary concern extending from the Ohio and Tennessee Valley region into primarily Northern portions of the lower Mississippi Valley.

All severe weather modes are expected, from hail and damaging winds to tornadoes.  There is some risk of a strong tornado or two, particularly in association with any storm that is able to form out ahead of the main line and become well organized.  A wind damage threat will also be widespread, especially within the yellow shaded and red hatched area on the image above.

Tornado Watches are already in effect within the pink shaded areas on the map below:

The red shaded area indicates a "Particularly Dangerous Situation" Tornado Watch which includes the cities of Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne.

While some circulations or generally brief spin-ups are certainly possible along the main thunderstorm line, as I mentioned above, the strongest tornado threat would be in association with any storms that form out ahead of the line, so be sure to watch for that if you live in these areas.

The wind damage could also become particularly widespread and intense in some areas, particularly within the red hatched area on the top image.  This is a day to take Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for high winds seriously, particularly in these areas.

If you live in or have travel plans across this region today or tonight, please make sure to pay attention to the weather and be ready to seek shelter on short notice, no matter where you may find yourself.  

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