Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Combination of Spring and Winter for the First Week of May...

I know it's not the first full week of May this week, but the calendar will flip on Wednesday, and some of you may be flipping out over the (winter) weather by that time as well, so I figured the headline is justified...

A strong area of low pressure will move across the Plains and Midwest this week, producing a variety of weather conditions.  As I mentioned in a post last week, some of that will include a threat of snow in areas that are certainly not used to seeing such conditions in May of all months!

First, dealing with the severe weather threat, conditions appear to be coming together for isolated to scattered severe storms both Monday and Tuesday, and perhaps a threat of more widespread and significant severe weather in spots on Wednesday.

Below are the severe weather outlooks for the first 3 days of the work week, respectively:

As you can see, the threat is forecast to expand in both coverage and intensity as we progress through mid-week.  The primary severe weather threat for Monday and Tuesday will be large hail and damaging winds, with an increasing threat of tornadoes by Wednesday, particularly within the green shaded area on the last image above.

At least some threat of severe weather will shift into the eastern U.S. toward the end of the week, and folks in that region should stay tuned for updates over the upcoming days.

Now, on to the wintry side of things - yes, I said wintry even though today is April 28th, and we're talking about the first part of May!

The potential exists for measurable snow across significant portions of the central and northern Plains and Midwest for the latter one-half of the upcoming work week.

The image below shows the probability of 1 or more inch of snow accumulation for the period 7pm CDT Tuesday through 7pm CDT Wednesday (or nearly the first 24 hours of May):

Sure, it's not like the cities that are forecast to receive snow aren't used to it, but we're talking May for crying out loud.  Many locations across this region will break records for late season snowfall the way it looks right now (even if little more than an inch of accumulation takes place).

So, it looks like we're in for a wild and crazy week of weather for sure.  Buckle your seat belts and stay tuned!

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