Sunday, February 27, 2011

Duststorm and Wildfires in West Texas

Strong Southwest winds of 30-45 mph with gusts of 65-70 mph are driving a dust storm across West Texas at this time.  The above image posted on Twitter from Scurry County is very common across the region at this time.

You can actually see the massive dust cloud on the latest visible satellite image below (as noted by the milky white colorations within the yellow circle):

You can view a loop of this visible satellite imagery and track the progression of the dust here.

The strong winds and very dry air are driving two other phenomena this afternoon (other than the dust, of course):  1.  wildfires and 2.  thunderstorm development over northwest & northcentral Oklahoma.

Significant wildfires are reportedly underway at this time near Midland, TX and north of Amarillo.  Thunderstorms are beginning to develop across northwest and northcentral Oklahoma as the leading edge of this very dry airmass punches into the warm, moist and unstable air in place across the region.

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