Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on Winter Storm - Tulsa Area

Heavy snow has exited northeastern Oklahoma and moved into adjacent portions of Missouri as of this writing, but not before leaving behind some very impressive totals across the Tulsa metro area:

Today's snowfall breaks 2 records:  most in a 24-hour period (previous record was 12.9 inches in 1994) and snowiest February on record (previous was 10.5 inches for the entire month of February in 2003).

Take a look at this impressive time lapse video showing the snow pile up and blow around over a 22 hour period outside a Tulsa home:

Gusty Northwest winds will continue to cause widespread blowing & drifting across the region this evening, as illustrated in these photos from Tulsa:

Not only did this storm break some official snowfall records, but it made other significant impacts as well.  For one, today was the first in 106 years that the Tulsa World was unable to publish a newspaper!

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