Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let The Games Begin...

During the last 45 minites, a mixture of freezing drizzle and very light snow has begun to fall here at my home near Kyle, TX.  About 0.05 to 0.10 inch of glaze is forming on exposed surfaces, namely the cars in the driveway and the sidewalk out front.

The above image from the New Braunfels, TX radar was taken a few moments ago.  Reflectivity (energy bounced back to the radar from precipitation like freezing drizzle, freezing rain, sleet and snow) values are gradually increasing.  Right now you have to look into a streetlight or similar light source in order to see the precipitation falling, but you can immediately feel it on your skin when you walk outside.

By Midnight, precipitation along the I-35 corridor should mainly be light snow, and flake sizes will have increased considerably compared to now.

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