Monday, February 28, 2011

Severe Weather Rolls On...

Things often quiet down overnight in the world of severe weather (mainly due to the loss of the sun's energy), but that wasn't the case during the last 12 hours, as severe weather continues to roll on this morning, reaching the Ohio Valley into the deep South.

The above image shows severe weather watches that are currently in effect, as issued by the SPC in Norman, OK - and they are all Tornado Watches at this time.

Pretty much as expected in our discussions yesterday, the thunderstorm activity has congealed into a large line, currently extending from Pennsylvania to extreme Northwest Mississippi, and is moving Eastward.

The greatest threats from the large line of thunderstorms is strong, gusty winds and hail, although isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out.

A more pronounced tornado threat may evolve later today as additional, and perhaps more discrete, thunderstorm development is likely to take place later this morning and this afternoon across the deep South, from Mississippi and Alabama into Georgia and the Carolinas, as indicated by the latest SPC severe weather outlook below:

Residents of the areas currently under watches, and those further South and East that will experience potential severe weather later in the day should remain alert and listen for later updates and warnings.

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