Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Tornado Chronicles: Troy, AL Tornado of December 25, 2012

The tornado that tracked to the West and Northwest of Troy, AL (also dubbed the "Conecuh River Tornado") on Christmas Day 2012 has been rated at a maximum of EF-2 intensity by the National Weather Service (NWS) survey team.

The videographer didn't do a very good job of steadying the camera at several instances, but here is a thorough aerial documentation of the tornado's path that has been posted on YouTube:

According to the survey, the tornado initially touched down at approximately 10:24 pm CST just over 1 mile West of Goshen and lifted at approximately 10:40 pm CST about 5 miles North of Troy:

The most intense damage along the tornado's path took place along County Road 11, about 2.75 miles North/Northeast of Goshen.  This is where the EF-2 intensity damage was observed by the survey team, which included mobile homes that were rolled and destroyed by the tornado:

EF-2 damage was also noted along County Road 1101, where several brick veneer homes were significantly damaged:

The tornado then weakened as it continued Northeast, producing mainly EF-0 to EF-1 intensity damage to trees before lifting near County Road 103:

Just like the majority of the other tornadoes that took place on Christmas Day 2012, there are no known photos or videos of the tornado itself that have come forward to date.  We'll continue to be on the lookout and post any new information and/or photos as they become available.

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