Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Severe Weather Continues; Shifting into Southeast/Mid-Atlantic...

Strong to severe thunderstorms continue this morning along a strong cold front that currently stretches from near Buffalo, NY to New Orleans:

The front will continue Eastward during the day, with widespread wind damage a continued threat, especially over the southeast U.S. and mid-Atlantic regions, as shown by the red shaded and black hatched area on the image below:

Within this region, which includes the cities of Columbus, Atlanta, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh and Roanoke, damaging wind gusts may exceed 70 mph in some areas.  Such intense winds can cause just as many (or even more) problems as your "average" tornado, so please take the threat seriously if you live in this region.

Like yesterday, a few isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out, however the primary threat will be wind damage, some of which could be significant.

Any tornado threat would primarily come in the form of brief spin-ups in rotating comma heads or "dog leg" signatures on radar.  Any isolated storms that are able to become well organized out ahead of the main line would have a locally higher potential for a tornado, but this would be a relatively isolated threat.

Elsewhere, strong to at times severe storms will be possible across a broad swath of the eastern U.S. today (as indicated by the yellow and brown shaded areas on the above image).  Here again, wind damage will be the primary threat.

If you live across the severe weather threat areas for today, please pay attention to the weather.  Review your severe weather safety and preparedness tips and be ready to seek shelter quickly if threatening weather is observed or a warning is issued for your area.

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