Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thundersleet, Snow across DFW Metroplex this Morning...

The above YouTube video, taken around 5:30 a.m. today by meteorologist Corey Pieper of Ft. Worth, nicely illustrates the thundersleet and thundersnow that is falling across much of the Metroplex region this morning.

After a few minutes, the result looked like this on his driveway:

The wintry mix of precipitation continues to fall at this hour...

...which will make for a slick commute across the region.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect this morning, so use caution as you head off to work or school.

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Linda said...

Cool video. My daughter lives in Frisco and works in Irving, so I'm guessing she might be late to work this morning. ;)

One of my most vivid weather memories is of a thunderstorm morphing into thundersnow in Bartlesville, OK back in the early 70s.

I have to check your blog for the weather in my area, since our Houston area radar is "down for dual pol upgrade".

Rob White said...


Thanks for visiting. I think it was just enough to make snow lovers happy and not cause too many problems.

The dual pol upgrade will make for better weather information in your area and the region. I actually made a post about that last year, which you can view here:


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